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The Story of Droneify

A Passion for Pushing the Next Frontier of Technology 

Droneify CEO Ethan Buzza

Droneify was derived from a fundamental love of technology, a drive, a need to push the envelope of tech. Since Ethan was a young child, he had been obsessed with technology, and that passion has never wavered. This enthusiasm paved the way for Droneify through the good times and bad, and the leading-edge integration into new technologies. Ethan first heard about photogrammetry from a small tech article online that detailed how a 3D model of an apple was created through 2D photos, this instantly sparked his interest. Ethan then started to ponder photogrammetry and after a while, he had an epiphany, this technology can be used with drone photography! He immediately started prototyping and after a lot of blood, sweat and tears, the first proof of concept was created, it was at that moment he knew that there was something special here.


Then started the 100+ hours of perfecting the techniques, learning how to edit large scale photogrammetric models, figuring out how to integrate the model into VR and AR formats. There were many tough times during this process, as this technology space is so new there is very little information online, so Ethan had to teach himself through trial and error. There were many failed attempts along the way, but Ethan persevered no matter what because he had a vision and he knew that what he had created was special. Further along the road, Ethan brought other new technologies to Droneify, like ultra-high resolution orthomosaics and 360-degree virtual tours, all these technologies complement each other to make an ultimate suite of products. Droneify is now pushing the next frontier, the next great leap of online visualisation technology.


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Teens in Business Award

Droneify was entered into the Australia wide Teen Entrepreneur of the Year award, and placed as a finalist, recognising Droneify as being in the top 5 teen startups in the country. 

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